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40th Annual 2017 Al McGuire Memorial Lecture

The 40th Annual 2017 Al McGuire Memorial Lecture sponsored by Pediatric Critical Care is proud to welcome this year’s speaker, Christopher Maloney, MD, PhD, who will be discussing “Informatics at the Bedside: Data is the Key to Improvement.” Dr. Maloney is a Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care at the University of Utah, who received his PhD from the University of Utah, Department of Biomedical Informatics with an emphasis on computerized clinical decision support systems. His research interests include computerized clinical decision support at the point of care and using quality improvement methods to enhance value for hospitalized children.

To complement our Al McGuire Memorial Lecture speaker, Dr. Thomas Clancy from the University of Minnesota, School of Nursing will be our 11th Annual Bauman Family Visiting Nurse Scholar. Dr. Clancy is the Director of Faculty Practice, Professional Development and Business Development. His research focuses on Complex Systems in Healthcare. He uses informatics such as modeling and simulation to help to predict what the behavior of new technology and new practices are prior to their implementation. Dr. Clancy’s presentation is entitled, “Big Data Science in Healthcare: Benefits, Challenges, and the Future.”

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