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Our commitment to mental health

Our commitment to mental health

At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, we are inspired by our vision that Wisconsin kids will be the healthiest in the nation – physically, mentally and socially. That means making sure the growing number of kids with mental and behavioral health concerns get the care they need. With more than two million touch points with kids and families every year, we are already making a difference – and we’re working every single day to do more.

Our expertise on mental health runs wide and deep: We treat thousands of kids with mental and behavioral health challenges every year through programs at our primary care and specialty clinics, through our foster and adoptive services and in schools and communities throughout the state. But we know there’s still a long way to go.

That’s why we are devoting more resources to expanding our services, asking what kids and families need to get and stay healthy, and working with partners to address our community’s challenges. 

Our priorities

Early detection and prevention

  • Growing and developing more ways to detect problems and helps kids sooner, before they become a crisis
  • Deepening our commitment to trauma-informed care for all the kids and families and supporting systems change that reduces the incidence of trauma

Increased access to high-quality mental and behavioral health care

  • Meeting kids and families where they are by bringing mental and behavioral care close to home by providing more services in schools and clinics, and using technology to reach far and wide
  • Joining forces with our community partners to meet the pressing community need for crisis and inpatient care

Reducing stigma

  • Advocating for legislative and insurance policies that support kids and families in getting the behavioral health care they need when they need it
  • Making conversations about mental health part of every checkup and doctor visit

The road to achieving our vision isn't short or easy. But we won't stop until we've helped create a Wisconsin where every child gets the support he or she needs.

Learn more about our mental and behavioral health services.

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