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Treatment foster care

Sometimes difficulties keep families apart. That’s when you can help. Treatment foster care is home-based care for children and adolescents who have experienced significant trauma in their lives. Connections with healthy adults in a family setting help children heal.

As a treatment foster parent, you will be a part of a professional team. You will play a significant role in helping a child achieve their treatment goals. And you will be supported and trained by a caring team every step of the way! Become a treatment foster parent.

*Regional offices may have varying boundaries and color shading on map is approximate.

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Apply for a treatment foster care license

Download an application form. We recommend contacting the regional office near you first to discuss the program and your location.

Make a placement referral

Child Welfare professionals can visit our referrals page

Learn more for treatment foster care

The Milwaukee/Southeast Region offers information meetings for Treatment Foster Care

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