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Did you know…*

-More than 23,000 children will age out of the US foster care system every year? (National Foster Youth Institute)

-In the state of Wisconsin, youth will age out of foster care at 18 years old.  Aging out is the process which occurs when youth must leave the foster care system because they were never adopted and are too old to stay in care. (Shared Justice)

-By age 26, only 3-4% of youth who aged out of foster care will earn a college degree (Shared Justice)

-One in five of these youth will become homeless after turning 18 (Shared Justice)

-Only half of youth who have aged out of foster care will obtain employment by age 24 (Shared Justice)

-Over 70% of female foster youth will become pregnant by age 21 (Shared Justice)

-One in four former foster youth will experience PTSD.

-One out of every two kids who age out of the system will develop a substance dependence (National Foster Youth Institute)

-About one in four kids who age out of the system will not graduate from high school or be able to pass their GED (National Foster Youth Institute)

-Despite this, 70% of foster kids consistently say that they 

would like to attend college one day (National Foster Youth Institute)

How can you help?

The majority of children ages 11-18 who are placed in foster care are placed in a group home.  A group home typically consists of multiple children within the same age range and of the same gender who are placed together in the same house because a foster family or fit and willing relative could not be identified to care for them.  These children have all experienced trauma in some form, and would heal best in a family setting

If a child ages out of care while placed in a group home, they are not able to remain living in the group home. We are looking for foster parents who are willing to open up their homes to an older child and provide them with a safe, loving, and stable environment.  Foster parents are able to develop a one-on-one relationship with older youth, and can better teach them life skills such as applying for jobs, college, etc.  If more foster parents are able to develop these relationships with older youth, these youth are guaranteed to be more successful in their adult lives.


Coming January 2019
Email for more details and for an upcoming schedule!

CoffeeShop is a support group for foster parents caring for older youth. CoffeeShop embraces a laid back and relaxed atmosphere where foster parents caring for older youth (although foster parents of children of ALL ages are invited!) can come together to share stories, resources, and receive support through one another.  Foster parents deserve a chance to relax and recharge, and CoffeeShop’s goal is to allow a 1½-hour window each month for foster parents to do just this. CoffeeShop’s meeting time and location will be the first Monday of every month from 5:30pm - 7pm at Colectivo on the Lakefront.  CoffeeShop will also aim to invite one FEATURED GUEST each month.  This guest will be able to provide insight from a different perspective of teens’ lives and provide additional connections, resources, and information for CoffeeShop’s attendees.  Updates about date/time, location, and guest speakers will be posted on the Teen Foster Care Website, so stay tuned!

If you would like information about upcoming CoffeeShop meetings emailed directly to you, please contact Sarah Sergeant at directly, and you will be added to the CoffeeShop mailing list.

*Statistics provided by:

National Foster 

Youth Institute

Shared Justice 


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