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Foster care in Wisconsin

Foster care in Wisconsin

The need for foster care parents in Wisconsin is great. As many as 100 children are removed from their homes each month because they are not safe. At any given time, 6,000 children are in foster care in Wisconsin.

These children come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of needs.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services plays a big part finding foster homes to care for these children.

Please consider becoming part of our efforts! We license foster and adoptive homes to nurture our community’s most vulnerable children.

We offer a team approach, working together to support the best interest of the children. Our foster parents are valued team members who receive ongoing training and support.

Read our Kid Hero blog to hear stories from foster care and adoptive parents.

Video: Answering questions about becoming a foster or adoptive parent

To learn more about foster care and adoption, watch these additional videos.

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