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Games for kids

The best time to learn safe and healthy habits is when you are young. And, kids are more likely to retain what they learn when their parents learn along with them and serve as good role models.

KeepSpriggySafeSpriggy and the Keep Spriggy Safe game app – Spriggy is a loveable blue character who finds himself in dangerous situations. His mission is to teach children how to stay safe. The Keep Spriggy Safe game app is FREE for parents and caregivers from iTunes and Google Play.

Play online games

Children’s Hospital’s e-learning experts have created a number of engaging online games to help kids make safe and healthy choices: 

Get Your Gear On:
Learn about bike, skateboard, scooter and in-line skate safety in this informative and fun game.
  • Topic: Safety
  • Age level: all ages Program: none

Get Your Gear On

Safety Match:

Learn about safe and unsafe practices by playing this matching game.

  • Topic: Safety
  • Age level: Kindergarten

Safety Match

Bookshelf Shuffle:

Learn about bullying terms and definitions with this word scramble game.

  • Topic: Anti-bullying
  • Age level: 6th grade

Bookshelf Shuffle

Comic Strip Creator:

Create and print your own anti-bullying comic strips with this fun activity.

  • Topic: Anti-bullying
  • Age level: 3rd grade

Comic Strip Creator

Food Fight:

Recognize and zap unhealthy foods in this action-packed game.

  • Topic: Health and wellness
  • Age level: 4th and 5th grade

Food Fight

Bubble Buster:

Save the planet by popping bubbles and eliminating sedentary activities.

  • Topic: Health and wellness
  • Age level: 3rd grade

Bubble Buster

Split From Drugs:

Answer questions about how drugs and how they affect your body in this bowling game.

  • Topic: Drug prevention
  • Age level: 6th grade

Split From Drugs

Tobacco Calculator:

Learn about how much a year of tobacco use would cost you in this informative activity.

  • Topic: Drug prevention
  • Age level: 4th and 5th grade

Tobacco Calculator

Healthy kids learn more. But first, they must learn to be healthy. And that's what Children's Hospital of Wisconsin's e-learning programs are all about. These games are a result of that work.

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Keep Spriggy Safe


Play the Keep Spriggy Safe game and check out the fun and helpful safety tips.