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Before submitting your application for the Healthy Schools grant, your school is required to complete a number of steps to assess current school environment. The information gathered will help to identify an area of improvement for your school and aligns with the application process for the Wisconsin DPI’s Wisconsin School Health/WSCC Award

Step 1: Coordinate and review

Create or convene a wellness, coordinated school health or WSCC team. This team should have a variety of representatives aligned with the diversity within your school and the community. District and/or school wellness policies or other relevant policies should be reviewed by this team. 

Step 2: Complete the Action For Healthy Kids School Health Index (AFHK SHI)

As a team, complete the AFHK SHI

This set of instructions will help your team register, complete a profile, affiliate with your school, invite collaborators, start the AFHK SHI and navigate your report. 

This FAQ page will help answer questions that you or your wellness team may have. 

Step 3: Complete the DPI Supplemental WSCC questions

As a team, complete the DPI Supplemental WSCC questions

Once the questions are completed, a report with a score will be sent. Add the results of the WSCC supplemental questions to the corresponding SHI module for a more accurate score.  

Step 4: Examine your results

As a team, examine your assessment results and recommendations and review other school data. Examine school strengths and opportunities to improve. Your team will then determine where to focus improvement and establish next steps. 


Step 5: Apply for the Mission: Healthy Kids Healthy Schools grant

Start the application process by visiting this page

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