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Child Advocacy and Protection Services

Child Advocacy and Protection Services

The Child Advocacy and Protection Services (CAPS) program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin was founded in the 1970s, making it one of the first programs of its type in the nation. It is now the largest hospital based Child Advocacy Center network in the nation. The CAPS program operates seven Child Advocacy Centers and two medical satellite offices across Wisconsin. It also includes a hospital-based child advocacy program in Milwaukee.

CAPS provides comprehensive services, including expert medical evaluations, for children where there are concerns for child maltreatment. CAPS utilizes evidence-based and trauma-informed strategies to minimize trauma and break the cycle of abuse.

Child Advocacy Consult Service

Our multidisciplinary team provides consultations when there are concerns of child maltreatment with a patient of Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Learn more about our consult service.

Child advocacy centers

Each child advocacy center partners with local first responders on cases of suspected child maltreatment and provide medical care in a safe and supportive setting for children and caregivers. Learn more about our child advocacy centers.

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Kids deserve the best

Learn more about the vision, mission and values of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Strong families, thriving children

A comprehensive well-being approach to combat the negative effects of adversity and improve child development outcomes.