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Time magazine highlights Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s high quality of care for newborns


Oct. 27 edition update

The Oct. 27 edition of Time magazine included an update on two of the babies profiled on the June 2nd cover story:

"Since late January, the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin -- the focus of Jeffrey Kluger's June 2 cover story on new ways to care for premature babies -- has treated nearly 500 preemies, including  two we featured in our issue.

Cover subject Emalyn Randolph, born March 31, is now 6 months old and nearing 14 lb. David Joyce, born Jan. 28 at 2 lb. 11 oz., weighs in at 18 lb. 3 oz. He'll be a pumpkin for Halloween."

The cover of  Time magazine

The June 2nd issue of Time magazine showcases Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and the exceptional care we provide to extremely sick babies and their families. A photo of Emalyn Randolph, one of our patients featured in the story, is on the cover of the magazine.


We were contacted for this story based in part on our ranking by Parents magazine as #1 in the nation in preemie and newborn care.

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