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Our vision, mission and values

Our vision: Wisconsin kids will be the healthiest in the nation.

Our mission: C.A.R.E.

C: Caregiving
A: Advocacy
R: Research
E: Education


We offer some of the nation's best medical care and social services at 40 Wisconsin locations (PDF).


We speak up to protect children.


We are finding cures to the illnesses that affect children.


We are teaching kids, sharing what we learn and training others to care for kids.

Our values and guiding behaviors

PurposeWe act in service of children and families.

  • I am passionate about our mission and vision.
  • I am committed to providing the best and safest care.
  • I understand how my work contributes to our mission and vision.
  • I am a steward of the organization for the benefit of children.
  • I am accountable to the children and families we serve and to my colleagues.
  • I strengthen the community through improving the health of our children.

CollaborationWe work together to care for children and families.

  • I actively participate in many teams ultimately aligned toward healthier children and families.
  • I respect and value diverse backgrounds, experience, styles and approaches.
  • I accomplish more with others.
  • I value others’ contributions to achieving our vision and mission.

IntegrityWe build confidence and trust in all interactions.

  • I am committed to service excellence.
  • I follow through on commitments and decisions.
  • I work to remove barriers.
  • I listen to others to gain understanding.
  • I assume positive intent in others.
  • I treat others with respect, dignity and compassion.
  • I give and receive feedback honestly.

HealthWe are at our best.

  • I have harmony in my work and personal life and encourage others to do the same.
  • I am an active participant in my own health and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • I am aware of my own moods and invoke curiosity to create a positive shift when necessary.
  • I am aware of others’ moods and respond with curiosity and compassion.
  • I create an appreciative, fun and optimistic environment.
  • I am here now.

InnovationWe commit to breakthrough solutions with continuous learning.

  • I demonstrate the courage to change.
  • I embrace curiosity.
  • I advocate for research and education that produces new knowledge.
  • I apply existing knowledge through novel approaches.
  • I learn from children and their families, my colleagues and the community.
  • I am committed to lifelong learning.

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Healthier kids, healthier community.

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