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Charting our growth

girl with butterfly costume and markersScientific discoveries mid-century made life healthier for kids everywhere. To bring these advances to more children, we opened specialized outpatient clinics.

Year after year, a record number of families turned to us for care. In 1960, a new wing opened to house additional clinics and services.

Over the next three decades, care became more comprehensive and specialized. We opened an intensive care unit, established a regional cancer center, expanded emergency care and added services in critical care, trauma care and other areas.

Teaching hospital factWe also forged new partnerships, strengthened community outreach efforts and added resources, including child advocacy centers to keep kids safe from abuse and neglect.

Child-centered care at Children’s was improving health and quality of life for kids all across Wisconsin. To move forward, we needed more room and updated facilities.

In 1988, we moved to a state-of-the-art hospital on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center campus in Wauwatosa with expansive resources and a wide network of care, services and community support. See our major milestones.

Generational chart